CityHub: A New Type of Hotel for ‘Digital Native Traveler’


The new kind of traveler roaming the streets of Europe, always carrying their smartphone and looking for the new underground cultural scene. These ‘digital native travelers’ don’t want anything to do with the typical tourism. That’s why CityHub Amsterdam is focusing on these upcoming internet connected generations!

At CityHub, they love hostels because of their communal feel and hotels because of their privacy. They combined the two: more than enough ways to mingle AND your very own, private cabin. They call those ‘cabins Hubs’.

Each Hub has a giant, double bed, wifi, app-controlled lighting and a personal audio streaming system. Comfy, indeed.

There are fifty Hubs in their very own hall, located right next to Amsterdam’s De Hallen, one of the most hot and happening places in Amsterdam. And why did they put Cityhub here, you ask?

Because they want you to go out and discover the beauty of the city as much as you can. Not just the touristy spots, but genuine Amsterdam as it is happening right here, right now.





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