My Latest Kate Spade Love: The Grand Street Layton Wristlet

kate spade grand layton exterior pocket


kate spade grand layton 1

Finally! At long last! (Huzzah!) The great hunt is over…and I’m not referring to the hunt to find the perfect product to tame the out-of-control baby hairs in my bangs, because they have been extra unruly lately (if you happen to have a recommendation, please help a homie out).

No, I’m referring to my hunt for a new wallet/wristlet/smart phone holder thingamabober-doohickey.

I’ve been looking for one big enough (but not too big) to hold my behemoth of an iPhone, credit cards, spare change, keys, cat treats (#ccl) and a tube of lipgloss (very important) because I’m trying to streamline before BG arrives, and I want something that I can just toss into a diaper bag. And when I’m out and about, and she’s in one of those baby carrier contraptions around my middle, with a wristlet, I’ll be able to keep my hands relatively free.

kate spade grand layton 2

The real challenge has been finding one big enough to fit my phablet iPhone 6+, but the Grand Street Layton by Kate Spade does (originally $228, marked down to $79!). It has 12 small pockets for business and credit cards, four big pockets (including two zippered exterior ones, which are where I keep my keys), a zippered interior compartment for spare change, and the main pocket, which is roomy enough for a big-@ss phone and a full-sized tube of NARS gloss.

kate spade grand layton interior

The whole thing isn’t exactly petite, because, hello! — it fits a lot of stuff. It’s a little larger than 4×8 inches, which is kinda big for a wristlet, but it’s still small enough to fit in any of my purses. Plus, it’s reasonably thin and not too bulky. Oh, and it’s made of leather with light-colored 14-karat gold-plated hardware.

I grabbed it in black at a Kate Spade online surprise sale a few weeks ago. There were two colors available at the time, the black and a hot pink, and even though every fiber of my being was screaming “KAREN!!! HOT PINK!” I went with the black, because I thought it would go with everything, and it wouldn’t get dirty as easily.

kate spade grand layton exterior pocket

I wish I could find the exact same wallet now online, but the closest one I’m finding is this one called the Primrose Hill Layton, which is kindasorta similar, and I bet also fantastic.


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