On getting better in the car

Lucas hates the car.

From the day we picked him up at the shelter – when he flattened himself into a pancake to avoid getting in the backseat – to the day he barfed into the side pockets on the door, Lucas has never, ever been good in the car.

He paces. He drools. He whines.

Cooper’s not great in the car either, though not because he dislikes riding in the car. In fact, lots of times he curls up and goes to sleep. He’s not great because he wants to bark at everyone and everything we pass. Oh, and God forbid a motorcycle pulls up behind or next to us. In Cooper’s mind, it’s like the zombies are attacking. And all that sudden barking? Great for the driver’s concentration…

Anyway, with my oncologist being so far away from me but so close to my parents’ house, we’ve been driving the 90 miles back and forth frequently. So I’ve been bringing treats and the clicker (disclaimer: I recommend clicker use only at stoplights and such…).

I think we’re making progress.

Here’s the scene from our last trip down from Indy. The little white head, by the way, is my mom’s dog, Otto, who came to stay with us for a few days.

Looks like a huge improvement, doesn’t it?

How do your dogs do in the car? Other than treats and the clicker – and tiring them out big time before the ride – what tips or tricks have worked for you?

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