She finds a dog (Lakita) in a trash can and rescues him

Lakita was found on a pile of trash in a dumpster. She smelled horrible. The woman who found it saw that the animal was sick, weak, and that she had little time to save it.


The dog was skinny, hungry, weak and very scared. The woman who found him concluded that he had surely been treated badly. She approached him gently. She then petted the dog and fed it so the animal could trust her.

The young woman then took him urgently to a veterinarian . Tracy a nurse’s aide at the vet said, “Oh, she smells like she’s rotting inside,” our hearts just hurt. How did someone let this precious creature get so bad?


SOS Rescue Operation

Once healed, Tracy had taken Latika home and in just a week Latika had regained her strength.


With frequent small meals a day, Lakita was able to gain weight quickly. And a fur shone! Lakita felt better and better and had even regained the desire to play! She felt safe and happy.

Now that Lakita was healthy, she needed a family and a home. Volunteers took adorable Christmas photos of her and posted them online. Her parents-to-be, Sebastian and Ashtyn, saw Lakita in an adorable tutu and couldn’t resist.

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