The Floating Cabins of the ‘Cabanes des Grands Cepages’ in Avignon

Located on the fishing reserve of Lac de la Lionne, a few kilometers away from Avignon, in the south-east of France. The peaceful Eco-hotel named ‘Cabanes des Grands Cepages’ has only ten suites replicating the primitive elegance through simplicity with minimal embellishments and carefully placed on the shore of the lake; Built and conceived by Paris-based Atelier Lavit, which architectural work perfectly matches the different densities of the vertical wooden screens around the hut guarantees the privacy of its customers as well as repairing them from the sun and wind.

Commissioned by Cabanes Nature et Spa, the cabins offers unique retreats with some hidden on land behind reeds while others are more visibly placed on the water.




The cabins are carefully oriented to preserve guest privacy. Timber cladding—particularly the vertical timber slatted screens that are a nod to the lake reeds—visually unites the various dwellings.


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