Tim Biskup’s Pixel Art

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Tim Biskup may be one of the premiere artists in the lowbrow group, but his work definitely carries a modern, sleek vibe. Marrying 1950s storybook illustration with his own touch of vibrant playful pop, Tim’s website probably best describes his work as “inspired by mid-century modern design infused with a healthy dose of punk rock energy. From his early years going to punk rock shows and Disneyland in equal parts he was more concerned with his own aesthetic vision than with fitting in.”

This translates to pieces made from acrylic and wood, featuring manic, unlined, geometric shapes that are tightly pieced together to form distinct profiles, animals, and figures with a 3D effect that leap out at the viewer. Since the mid-eighties, this Southern Californian artist has collaborated with brands from Lladro and Samsung to RVCA and Incase; and exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Melbourne.

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